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About Us

Located near the north Norfolk coast we strive to provide you with the finest quality cut flowers available.

We grow, maintain and supply the largest supermarkets in the UK with freshly cut daffodils, peony’s, sweet williams, gladioli and more. As well these beautiful crops we also nurture a range of tulip varieties and are proud to be the largest commercial growers of outdoor tulips in the UK. Our passions for all things tulips and cut flowers started back in 1965 and has continued to grow since.

As a family run organisation we continuously look as to how we can better our crops year on year and are always trying to keep up with the latest technologies, such as our Furora and our environmentally friendly biomass boiler, in order to provide you with the best product possible.

Not only do we grow the flowers to a high standard but we also develop the bulbs we use and plant them on over 550 acres of land located in a variety of places around Norfolk – you might of seen our stunning sceneries of tulips whilst passing in a car or even on the news and weather.

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